A downloadable game for Windows

Hungry small animals gather around the berry tree but they can't reach the berries!
Help them by picking and dragging the type of berry they ask for, and they'll leave you with a smile!

Install instructions

Unpack the .zip file and open executable. The game will run!


BerryDrop.zip 2 MB


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Fun little game! I made a video of it for others to see!

some ideas for you:

1) It took me some time to realize clicking on the fruit the animals ask for doesn't give it to them, it just drops it on the ground. I had to drag the fruit to the animal. Pretty obvious in hindsight I suppose, especially when 2 animals appeared but my first reaction was to click the correct fruit, not drag. Maybe a message telling people what's going on (like a backstory too - why are these adorable critters coming to me anyway?)

2) an achievements system would work really well with this game, or a competitive element like fastest animal served, or stats on how many of each animal served?

thanks tho!

Thank you for the interest!
That video, I love it xD
Unfortunately I don't plan on expanding the game, it was meant to be a small project for practice :')